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Freedom Truths

1. I am free to choose my own beliefs
2. I am free to think my own thoughts
3. I am free to feel what I feel
4. I am free to find my own truth
5. I am free to love anyone and everyone
6. I am free to do what I want
7. I am free to have my own view of reality
8. I am free to look at the world differently
9. I am free of all labels others place on me
10. I am free to not judge
11. I am free to create each day
12. I am free to be my own boss
13. I am free to travel and have new adventures
14. I am free to imagine a better world
15. I am free of the need for approval from others
16. I am free of the constraints of religion
17. I am free to explore my potential
18. I am free to follow the flow of life
19. I am free to express my uniqueness
20. I am free of corporate dominance
21. I am free to be happy as much as I want to be
22. I am free to dream and pursue that dream
23. I am free of the doubts of others
24. I am free of debt
25. I am free of the childhood conditioning that limits me
26. I am free to have whatever values matter to me
27. I am free of self-doubt
28. I am free to be powerful
29. I am free to be comfortable being social
30. I am free to ask others for help
31. I am free to appreciate
32. I am free to be fully present in my life
33. I am free to be totally healthy
34. I am free to live each moment as fully as possible
35. I am free to explore whatever I want to explore
36. I am free to grow in whatever way I want to grow
37. I am free to seek higher consciousness in my own way
38. I am free to find my own path and do my own thing
39. I am free to enjoy the silence of the moment
40. I am free to question everything
41. I am free to take it easy and to relax
42. I am free to play and enjoy life
43. I am free to be who I am
44. I am free to enjoy financial abundance
45. I am free to have success to what matters to me
46. I am free to help others if and when I choose
47. I am free to not to live up to the expectations of others
48. I am free to soar to my highest expression
49. I am free to choose my own emotions
50. I am free from fear, anxiety, worry, and pain
51. I am free to live life fully
52. I am free to live with a sense of peace and empowerment
53. I am free to overcome any challenges on my path
54. I am free to choose my path of joy
55. I am free to create my own life
56. I am free to choose my spiritual path
57. I am free to live my life on my terms 

58. I am free to love me 

59. I am free

60. I am free 

Remember Tragil’s freedom nation ( I am freedom) 

Consecration, saturation, association, deliberation, determination 

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